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Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese Health System that uses the principles of corrective breathing, controlled stretching and gentle artistic movements. It is the psychological and physiotherapeutic part of Chinese Medicine.

What can it do for you? Tai Chi can improve health and vitality, relieve stress, banish fatigue, improve concentration and increase flexibility. Tai Chi is suitable for all ages.

On Saturday mornings at Prahran Taekwondo things slow down in pace a bit. The Tai Chi class starts at 9.30am and go until 10.30am. There is also a class at 9.30am every Friday of the week.

Please contact John for further information. Tai Chi incorporates some of the following elements:

Relaxation and Harmony - Tai Chi requires that your posture be steady and relaxed and your movements be harmonious, similar to the way the body operates. After a couple of rounds you will notice very little overexertion or shortness of breath. On the contrary, one should feel a physical and emotional exhilaration. This is why Tai Chi is an ideal conditioning program.

Flowing Motion - Tai Chi sequences should flow continuously without a break, even when you change positions or shift your weight down. When you do Tai Chi correctly the movements follow each other harmoniously and should look like floating clouds or flowing waters.

Round and Natural Movements - In contrast to other martial arts, Tai Chi movements are round or arched rather than straight. This makes for less stress, since round movements follow the natural motion of the body's joints.

Coordination of the Whole Body - The Tai Chi movements have to be performed continuously, whether you choose the complete form or only a portion. Coordinate the movements of the arms with those of the legs. Arm and leg movements originate from the torso; so synchronise them with each other. Let your mental control, depth of breathing and body movements for a unit.

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